End of study report


Accredited training
Choice of a subject
Writing the report
Evaluation by the jury (coef 3)

To validate the "Promostyl Fashion Trendsman" Professional Expertise Certification, the student must write a report at the end of the training session.

This report must give an account of what the Learner has learned throughout the course. This report is based on a theme chosen by the Learner in order to present the concepts or notions acquired in a structured manner.

In addition, it may be a first professional experience in report writing and could therefore be very valuable when looking for a job.

This report will be subject to evaluation and therefore will have to obey certain rules and follow a certain plan:

Choose and present the sector (fashion, luxury, decoration, industrial design ....) that you wish to study. This presentation must be defined by at least 2 or 3 slides (Powerpoint format)

Then you must respect the following plan:

1) Introduce the industry leader you have chosen.

2) Define the business intelligence you want.

3) Highlight the trends you have observed.

4) Describe the concept you have imagined.

5) Finalize your end-of-course report by designing a summary mood-board.

Required format: Powerpoint, A4 Landscape format of 15 slides minimum.

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The end-of-course report will receive a coefficient of 3.