(Certification level 5 in the course of validation RNCP)

It optimizes the reception

He manages the staff

He keeps the accounts

The store manager pilots the entire activity of a store. This manager implements the operational strategy in accordance with the objectives of his management and ensures the commercial, financial, technical and human resources management of the structure.

To ensure his mission :
The store manager leads the commercial space

- Organizes the presentations

- Makes the space attractive and functional

The store manager optimizes the reception and the customer experience
- Ensures the application of the procedures of the reception of the customers
- Develops customer loyalty and customer relations

The store manager manages the staff
Organizes the working time of his/her sales staff
- Trains the sales staff in the sales techniques he/she wishes to see applied
- The store manager keeps the store's accounts
Receives sales
- Establishes the accounting report of the activity